Domestic Removal to Isle of SkyeHardakers just recently completed a domestic removal for a lovely couple who were moving from Hull to Isle of Skye in Scotland.

The journey was a long one of course, taking the team at Hardakers 10 hours to get there and 10 hours back. That’s around 1000 miles! With the occasional stop off we made it there and back safely. We even saw a deer on the route up to highlands.

We crossed the Isle of Skye bridge which is in fact one of the steepest ever built and is also the steepest any bridge is ever allowed to be. This was for the Queen’s vessel or something from years gone by.

We then drove through freezing fog, rain and even passed Ben Nevis with snow.

We took a short break from driving and stayed at the Broadford Hotel which has a story about Drambuie, as in an old King took the recipe there. Check out their website here.

Lee, my associate even tried Haggis for the first time to get in to the Scottish spirit and actually liked it. I on the other hand passed on the offer.

The domestic removal overall went really well with the client buying us both a bottle of Drambuie for the tip which was a generous gesture.

We then went ahead and loaded on the Monday Morning at 7:30am and set off at 10:30am and arrived at 8:30pm. We then delivered the following morning at 9:00am and set off home at 11:00am and arrived back at Hull at 9:00pm for the following day (Tuesday).

It may have been a long journey but it was worth it in the end and we are glad that the lovely couple are settled in their new home in Isle of Skye.