Did you know that we at Hardakers offer packing services to make your move run smoother and quicker? We offer 3 packing services which are:

Our Full Comprehensive Packing service helps to remove the stress and inconvenience of living out of boxes when you move in to your new home. This saves you a lot of time and effort instead of doing the packing yourself. Instead of you doing it yourself, our expert removal teams can pack, wrap and protect everything in your home ready for the domestic removal.

The Partial Packing service which we offer is for those who want only selected items or specific rooms packed. Our removal team will provide all of the required packing materials and then we can wrap and protect your items for you. Simple!

The Fragile/Specialist Packing service is ideal for delicate and fragile items that need a little extra care. Items such as glassware, kitchen items, mirrors, china, wall art etc. may require extra packing and care, so our Fragile/Specialist packing service is the best option for you. 

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